At TSA, providing top-of-the-line, aftermarket public safety equipment is priority number one.

The realm of public safety asks a lot of its employees—but, perhaps, even more from the fleet of vehicles those employees rely on day in, and day out. Having reliable equipment in any profession is a must, but this idea seems to be all the more prevalent when the integrity of your tools can directly impact the lives, and safety, of those in your community.

Here are three ways you get your fleet in peak shape, and keep it there:

Window Tinting

By tinting the windows on your fleet, you can improve the happiness of your vehicles, and your employees. A good window tint can protect your employees and upholstery alike from damaging UV rays, while lowering the overall temperature of the vehicle’s interior, dramatically. Window tinting can also aid in the prevention of glass shattering should a large object collide with one of your vehicles.

The health and aesthetic benefits of window tinting are far-reaching, to say the least. So if you haven’t added this must-do aftermarket upgrade to your list of public safety equipment, be sure to make it a priority, and keep your investments running smoothly for the foreseeable future.

Grill Guards

There is no better way to protect and maintain the front end of your vehicle than to invest in a front grill guard. Much like a helmet for your car, grill guards can keep your fleet safe from otherwise catastrophic impacts, increasing the lifespan of your vehicles as well as the functionality.

Spray liners

Looking for the best way to protect the bed of your truck and the cargo you’re hauling at the same time? Look no further! Spray liners are a permanent solution for dings and scratches you might otherwise accrue in your truck bed and have the added benefit of preventing your cargo from sliding around, damaging your products as well as your vehicle.

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